In 1916, Henry Ford had an amazing vision: to share the 40 million in company dividends with his employees in the form of bonuses, as well as with his customers, via reduced cost of vehicles. This is because he believed that by giving back to his employees and customers, they would, in turn, invest in more Ford vehicles in the future. Such a strategy would only increase his company’s, yielding a higher yearly dividend. Unfortunately, before he was able to implement this concept, the Dodge brothers sued him over concerns they had related to their share of the company (which was only 10%). The court sided with the Dodge brothers, refusing to consider Ford’s argument on how such an innovative endeavor could incredibly benefit both society and the company.

Fast-forward 100 years to 2016. Eight of the richest people in the world now represent 50% of humanity’s wealth. This is a significant decrease in the dispersement of wealth worldwide since 2010, when 64 people were the representatives of humanity’s wealth. We argue that: Capitalism today is on steroids! With jobs becoming automated by technology, the richer continue to get richer, while the poor get poorer: the global gap between the rich and poor only continues to grow. At this rate, within 20 years half of all American jobs will become automated by technology. Such a system will inevitably collapse. So what do we do?

It is simple:

Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing them to give ideas and feedback in exchange for future revenue.

Mission Statement:

To improve the quality of life of our employees and customers. 


Crowdholding.com allows companies and startups to allocate a percentage of future sales to the crowd to help give feedback and work to validate their product. If a business has success with sales the crowd earns crowdshares in return for their solutions and ideas. For the first time, everyone can now earn shares not for money, but for time.

Changing the system 

Brokers of Wall Street represent some of the richest people in the world making commission off millions of trades each day, with their clients gambling on speculation and not ever thinking of the consequences except profiting for themselves. In the 1950’s brokers worked by phone, but now  machines are automating the trades for them. But there is even new technology that automates this system even further that could make brokers obsolete. So why are they still around? The technology to cut them out is already here. A blockchain system that can be open sourced, could easily replace these brokers. However, no one has gathered the masses to start a system ethical where money from honest traders, investors or even people trying to earn money from their savings won’t get leached by these middle men. This is where Crowdholding comes into play. Our startup is creating a crowd currency we call Crowdshares.  Instead of giving out shares for money, shareholders or Crowdholders as we call them, earn crowdshares by giving time, not money. In addition, we will allow theses business to raise capital from the people who help co-create and believe in them. We later plan a blockchain system allowing people to trade without the need of brokers. And because the crowdshare value coincides with the gross revenue a company makes, the value of the crowdshare is the true worth of their company, not from speculation you see in Wall Street.

What is a Crowdshare and how does it work?

Currently for beta (although may change from our crowdholder’s feedback) every startup on our application is sharing 1% of their revenue to the public by rewarding a crowd currency "crowdshares." One percent of revenue equals 1 million crowdshares. They then use these crowdshares when giving out tasks on an upvoting forum. The crowd, which we call "Crowdholders" gives feedback and ideas regarding the task and votes their favorite solution. The crowdshares for that task is then distributed by the ranking of the votes. Crowdshares have a one-year expiration date from the day the company begins making revenue on the day the shares are distributed.  For the first time, entrepreneurs can have the public work for them and validate their product! And if you are a Crowdholder, the content you produce is finally worth something! 

Our Vision:

We see the world where people from anywhere can choose who to work for. They get to choose their interests and help innovate and co-create for the future. By allowing businesses to share revenue as a common practice in society, it brings a balance to the current economic system and improves the lives of the customers who end up purchasing the products they helped co-create. We see a future where anyone can work from anywhere even in low economically struggling countries to have a voice not just locally but globally.