It is simple:

Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing them to give ideas and feedback in exchange for future revenue.

Mission Statement:

Unite global businesses and the public on a co-creation platform, ensuring prosperity for both. 


In 2017 more than 90% of startups will fail due to entirely solvable issues (Forbes). Of founders who faced failure, a massive 42% attributed it to a lack of market need for the product, while a staggering 29% of startups fail due to a lack of capital (Fortune). C-level execs agreed that their companies were bad at identifying problems, most notably in their products, often due to a lack of outside perspective (HBR). 

Plenty of these companies have a great idea, capable team, and even a solid company structure. What’s often missing is the ability to build an audience - something often critical for many modern products to function properly. 

There is a severe disconnection between companies - small or large - and the public. Whether it’s to validate a new product, or iterate on an existing one. There is enormous untapped potential, which with the right tools, can be leveraged to benefit everyone. 


People around the world are willing to validate products, solve problems, and voice their opinions. This great potential simply needs facilitating, and Crowdholding is designed to do exactly that, encouraging a new wave of co-creation. 

Since July 2016, the Crowdholding team has worked hard to build the perfect co-creation platform, attracting hundreds of dedicated participants, and dozens of interesting startups looking to make use of the wisdom of the crowd. 

Crowdholding enables the public, or ‘the crowd’, to help validate, iterate on, or build awareness for products or services. In return, the product or service owner rewards the crowd for their activity, building a mutually beneficial scenario where businesses and the public are brought closer together, aligning goals rather than merely exploiting one another. 

This reward process is facilitated by the Crowdholding YUPIE token (YUP), and other ERC-20 compatible tokens (including Ether itself) - allowing value to be efficiently transferred between parties in a decentralized manner. 

Our Vision:

Our ultimate vision is to create a decentralized open-innovation platform to help early-stage products, from both small and bigger organizations, being co-created with their users.